How I Make a Full Time Living with Affiliate Marketing!

My name is Robin Cockrell and I’ve been making my living online for the past 6 years. That’s right – online. I’ve not had to deal with any commutes, bosses or office politics for the past 6 years and I can work, quite literally, in my pajamas! The best bit is that I have created multiple streams of income, which gives me security.  If happens to dry up, I have others to fall back on.  I also have the ability to constantly create new streams now that I know how to do affiliate marketing.  

You can make that your reality, too. But before we dive into that, here’s a little more of my story.  My background is in Corporate America. I was in management.  I held a job that, though it paid well, was less than fulfilling. I hated going to work every day. My boss and I were complete opposites and always at odds. She was ultimately the boss though, so she had every right to fire me in June of 2009.

So I packed up my desk, went home and my day to day began to consist of going online and searching for work at home opportunities. Good Lord the stuff I found. For a while, I was completely lost. I got scammed, lost money and had days where I was close to quitting. There was so much information out there that I felt like I was drowning. After all, this was a completely new direction for me and I had no-one to walk me through it. But I gradually put the pieces together and for the past 6 years, I’ve been making money in increasingly large online creating these multiple streams of income!  I can teach you how as well.

So for the next two years, I researched, studied and sort of just dabbled in affiliate marketing. I read everything I could get my hands on and took a few highly recommended online courses in it. I was making a little money. Not enough to live on. I was sort of just dribbling stuff out there, with no direction. I was flying blind.

By September of 2011 I had managed to begin to earn a consistent amount, enough to live in a dive of a mobile home!

My Old House


By May of 2012, I made enough to move into the perfect little house for us. That is quite a jump in income to be able to go from $375 in rent to $900 per month. I didn’t have to scrimp and save anymore. I had all that I needed and more.


My New House

Okay, that’s enough social proof and hype about me. One thing I can’t bring myself to do much of and that’s a lot of hype. A lot of marketers out there rely on hype because sadly hype sells. I don’t want you to listen to me because of the hype, I prefer to attract clients that are committed and want to learn a new skill or trade and are willing to put in the work.

I have taken these six years of experience and created a step by step guide to affiliate marketing. I teach you in this guide, everything you need to know to get started all the way up to putting it together and making your first dollars online. I take you from beginner to advanced in a course you can do at your own pace. You can finish it in a couple of days or if you can take a couple of months. Set your own pace. I am confident that this step by step guide to affiliate marketing is like no other.  I am a real person and will even talk to you by phone.

Now, there are a few special things about Pajama Affiliates that I’d love to share with you now.

Firstly, speaking as someone who prior to this, didn’t know how to minimize a screen by pressing the little ‘x’ in the corner – no, really – building an internet business was something pretty awesome. So, take it from me that you’re already better at the technology stuff than I ever was. So, don’t worry that anything requires a degree or hours spent combing the internet for explanation. Building a blog has never been easier. Making a website is a walk in the park. Just follow the steps and you can’t go wrong.

Secondly, the wonderful thing about Pajama Affiliates is it’s a personal group. We have a supportive and highly active community on Facebook where connections are forged, opportunities shared and friendships made. And you don’t just get to ‘like’ me on there, either; you can add me as a friend. Once you’re a Pajama Affiliate, you’re part of a team and we support each other. You won’t be left alone on the sidelines with just a ticket at a help desk if you get stuck. Some of the members have been with me for years and are very experienced and successful marketers that want to see others succeed.  This group is full of positive energy and I would not be where I am without them.  I have learned a lot from them.

And most importantly, rather than upgrading my course and then charging you more each time, it’s a one-time cost to join us here at Pajama Affiliates. After that, everything that is updated, changed or improved, comes to you FREE. You know what it’s like, I’m sure. You buy a product from one particular guru only to see that they’re releasing a new, better, super version later on in the year! You look at the one you bought and immediately those doubts start. Is this as effective? What does that one have that this one doesn’t? Do I have to pay out even more money? Not so with Pajama Affiliates. You pay and you’re in – for life.


I would like to share this. I can take the learning curve off for you and teach you what it took me almost 3 years to learn into a couple of weeks.

From beginner to advanced training

Easy to follow step by step over the shoulder videos

Learn to get your blogs on the first page of Google

Find hidden keywords

How to utilize free platforms to make money!

Detailed Video Marketing Guide

Social Media Training

Graphic arts made super simple!

Step by step guide to building a site on WordPress

Detailed On Page Seo Tips Not found Elsewhere

How to find top paying affiliate products!

How to create multiple streams of Income!

Leverage online money-making communities

Market your local business online

How to create and effectively monetize your blogs

Detailed step for creating backlinks!

Using Paypal buttons to accept payments

How to make money on Youtube

How to Use the latest Free tools from Google

Mentorship from others already making money!

How they all tie together


Lifetime access to Private Facebook Mastermind Group!




I intended for several months to purchase the Pajama Affiliates home study course before I actually did it. Now my only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner. I had tried many times to do my own research on the web about how to do affiliate marketing, but there is so much conflicting information available that I was feeling very hopeless and bogged down. Pajama Affiliates renewed my hope because the course is laid out in a very logical fashion and covers absolutely every aspect you need to know about how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Not only does Robin clearly lay out all the steps you should follow and explain how to execute them, but she also gives great advice and tips about your attitude and online presence that in my opinion makes the difference between failure and success. And even more than that, she continues to consistently provide personalized support to me and all of her students in a private Facebook group! She truly cares about us and wants us to succeed.

I purchased the course eight months ago and in that time I have not only made my money back countless times over, but I also paid for an expensive Florida vacation and purchased my very first hot tub, which was a huge dream come true for me! Because of Robin, I am no longer a slave to the corporate rat race and I know now that the sky is my only limit.

Pajama Affiliates is the real deal. No frills, no outlandish promises, just a real authentic woman who has succeeded in making a great living as an affiliate marketer and wants to share her knowledge with others so that they too can have a fulfilling career on their own terms.


I give you all the tools you need and offer you guidance along the way.  I have members in my group that have been doing this using my home study course that are now seeing results and they too will give you guidance.  You learn from our trials and errors.  The group alone is worth the price of this home study course, that I can promise you.  Daily motivation is what you find there and we have fun!

Some have created multiple streams of income with my course and make a good living.  You can do that.  Others have taken it and used to to share their talents and gifts with the world.  It’s really up to you what you do with it.  You may find you start out doing one of the above and end up doing the other.  Doors will open if you take action.

Other courses teach you to use gimmicks and spammy tricks to try to fool the search engines that ultimately get your site frowned upon and possibly even banned. I go through the methods of doing this step by step in a way that works and is in no way questionable.  I don’t do hype and I don’t do spammy!  You won’t get rich quick, but if you stick it out, in a couple of years, you will find that this income very well may top the income of your current job!

Free Bonus Valued at $300 Amazon Sales Ninja

A step by step guide on how

to maximize the power of Amazon

 and start making money today!

 I couldn’t leave it just there – not when I have another treat for you up my sleeve! I’ve added new modules to my course on Amazon’s ‘Fulfilled By Amazon,’ program which works to enable you to sell items of your choosing through Amazon who actually then physically fulfill the order for you. In effect, they’re working for you to make you even more money! This is a brand new market which is making a lot of people a lot of money, so I’m thrilled to have this incorporated into Pajama Affiliates. Step-by-step videos to get you set up through this are worth $$$’s. So, not only do you get the benefit of my experience, be surrounded by a fantastic group of people, have access to all the right information and only ever have to pay once, but you also get access to wonderful, cutting-edge and highly lucrative marketing opportunities as they happen!

Final-Logo-Amazon Sales



Also Included

Bonus Valued at $149

Step by step guide for creating

and hosting your own WordPress website!


Where do you want to be a year from now?  Still working to build the dream of your employer or choosing your own hours, your own schedule with great freedom?  Do you want to work where there is no cap or ceiling on your potential earnings or will you stay working where someone else controls your earnings.  Why not join me and hundreds of other pajama affiliates and take charge of your financial destiny!



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