How a single mom went from borderline homeless to making $7000 a month


Hi, I’m Robin Cockrell, but many know me as Carolina Robin.  I have been earning money online for about 5 years and I do pretty well.  It is my sole source of income and supports me and my family.  Something many dream of but can’t imagine it’s possible.  It is possible.  If I can do it, anyone can do it. 

I am not special or any smarter than the next person.  I don’t have a college education and I don’t have this amazing technical background.  A few years ago I did not even know how to hit the x up there in the top right corner to minimize a screen, no joke.

My background is in Corporate America. I was in management.  I held a job that, though it paid well, was less than fulfilling. I hated going to work every day. My boss and I were complete opposites and always at odds. She was ultimately the boss though, so she had every right to fire me in June of 2009.

So I packed up my desk, went home and my day to day began to consist of going online and searching for work at home opportunities. Good Lord the stuff I found. I got scammed, over and over and spent what little money I did have on all these hyped up online promises. I happened to land on a work at home forum one day and wow, what a lot of information. Real people. Some were making it, some were not. I began reading and reading, but still I was so confused. It is so easy to get into information overload when you start something you know really nothing about. It’s also easy to get caught up in the hype because you so want it to be true. I don’t do hyped marketing by the way because of this.

So for the next two years, I researched, studied and sort of just dabbled in affiliate marketing. I read everything I could get my hands on and took a few highly recommended online courses in it. I was making a little money. Not enough to live on. I was sort of just dribbling stuff out there, with no direction. I was flying blind.

So fast forward to 2011, I lost it all. I lost my lovely condo on the lake. I lost my car. The worst thing was I had to move and fast and I had a teenage daughter to take care of. I ended up moving in with my best friend and my daughter had to live with my mom. It was heart breaking to have to separate from her. That’s when I made up my mind I was going to take everything I learned and use it to get out again and get it all back and more!

By September of 2011 I had managed to begin to earn a consistent amount, enough to live in a dive of a mobile home, but it would get my daughter and I back together.

My Old House


By May of 2012, I made enough to move into the perfect little house for us. That is quite a jump in income to be able to go from $375 in rent to $900 per month. I didn’t have to scrimp and save anymore. I had all that I needed and more.


My New House

Now I am going to be honest here. This is not a get rich quick thing.  It takes time and effort.  If you go through all the modules, put in the effort, you will see results.  How much is entirely up to you.  Note here, those that don’t commit to the process don’t make it.  Those that only go through half of it, usually don’t make it.  You need to go through all the modules and use the tools (free) that I introduce to you.

My program is not a push button make money today thing. I give you all of the tools and you can decide how to put them together to work for you. Example, most gurus tell you to build a list. I hate email marketing. According to the gurus however, I could never make money without it. Guess what? That’s a lie as you can see by my paychecks below.

I am not going to make you promises, because I don’t know you and I don’t know if you do or don’t have what it takes or if you truly believe in yourself. The promise I will make is that I am available through a private group you will be added to and will offer you help and yes, motivation through this. I won’t leave you with just my program and no back up. You can find me on Facebook here on my site and that is where the group is.


Clickbank Paychecks

I would like to share this. I can take the learning curve off for you and teach you what it took me almost 3 years to learn into a couple of weeks.

Learn to get your site on the first page of Google

Find hidden keywords

Use free platforms to make money

Step by step guide to building a site on WordPress

Detailed On Page Seo

How to use Clickbank and many other market places to make money

Make money writing about what you love

Leverage online money-making communities

Market your local business online

How to effectively monetize your blogs

Using Paypal buttons to accept payments

YouTube and other Video Marketing

How they all tie together


Lifetime access to Private Facebook Support Group!




I intended for several months to purchase the Pajama Affiliates home study course before I actually did it. Now my only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner. I had tried many times to do my own research on the web about how to do affiliate marketing, but there is so much conflicting information available that I was feeling very hopeless and bogged down. Pajama Affiliates renewed my hope because the course is laid out in a very logical fashion and covers absolutely every aspect you need to know about how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Not only does Robin clearly lay out all the steps you should follow and explain how to execute them, but she also gives great advice and tips about your attitude and online presence that in my opinion makes the difference between failure and success. And even more than that, she continues to consistently provide personalized support to me and all of her students in a private Facebook group! She truly cares about us and wants us to succeed.

I purchased the course eight months ago and in that time I have not only made my money back countless times over, but I also paid for an expensive Florida vacation and purchased my very first hot tub, which was a huge dream come true for me! Because of Robin, I am no longer a slave to the corporate rate race and I know now that the sky is my only limit.

Pajama Affiliates is the real deal. No frills, no outlandish promises, just a real authentic woman who has succeeded in making a great living as an affiliate marketer and wants to share her knowledge with others so that they too can have a fulfilling career on their own terms.



I give you all the tools you need and offer you guidance along the way.  I have members in my group that have been doing this using my home study course that are now seeing results and they too will give you guidance.  You learn from our trials and errors.  The group alone is worth the price of this home study course, that I can promise you.  Daily motivation is what you find there and we have fun!

Some have created multiple streams of income with my course and make a good living.  You can do that.  Others have taken it and used to to share their talents and gifts with the world.  It’s really up to you what you do with it.  You may find you start out doing one of the above and end up doing the other.  Doors will open if you take action.

Other courses teach you to use gimmicks and spammy tricks to try to fool the search engines that ultimately get your site frowned upon and possibly even banned. I go through the methods of doing this step by step in a way that works and is in no way questionable.  I don’t do hype and I don’t do spammy!  You won’t get rich quick, but if you stick it out, in a couple of years, you will find that this income very well may top the income of your current job!

Who Is Pajama Affiliates Right For!

Newbies and Beginners-

I share free easy step by step instruction where you don’t need to build a website,  set up domains, name servers or hosting.  I made my first dollars and many more dollars, up to $10,000 in one month without any of these.

Tightwads-  Yes I said tightwads or penny savers.

When I first started I had no money to spend on any tools.  I share with you free ways to make money online. I will show you how you can do it without the expensive tools or next new shiny thing.

Experienced marketers that aren’t making much money or see little success-

Already know about keyword research and seo?  I will show you how to put the pieces together and make little changes that make a huge difference in your pocketbook.

Site Owner Want to Be -

Towards the end of the course, Lindsay and Nicki take you step by step on how to set up and install wordpress.  If you want to go this route, you will not need to hire a web designer and you can save hundreds of dollars learning to do it yourself.  It’s not that complicate so if this has intimidated you in the past, they teach you how to get it up and running in one afternoon!



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