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Easy No Fail Blogging Blueprint and Mastermind Group!

Robin Cockrell here at Pajama Affiliates. I have been making money by blogging for over 6 years now and have been helping others do the same. I haven’t always made money with blogging. My first year was just sad, the second year better, the third year, just wow.

What took me so long?

I will tell you what took me so long. I would search for answers online and find these gurus. Gurus that told me I had to build a list. I had to have a great sales funnel in place. I had to use paid ads. I needed to do Webinars. I hadn’t even learned the fine art of blogging and here I was trying to learn how to do all this other stuff.

All of that guru stuff had me side tracked and overwhelmed. The fact of the matter is you can do nothing but blog and make money on about any topic under the sun. I make money on a site about salt for goodness sake.

I would have made money much sooner if I had someone to just take me by the hand and lead me step by step through the process of blogging and monetizing my blogs effectively.

I have put together a step by step guide to blogging. It’s a series of videos that take you from a beginner blogger to expert. I have a Mastermind group where you have access 24/7 to group coaching and one on one with me. This is not something you will buy and never see me again. You can go ahead now and connect with me here on facebook. I am a real person who will walk with you through this.

I am not your so called guru and don’t really want to be. I am not interested in the masses that buy my product all hyped up and never follow through. I am interested in the few who have the want to and are ready to commit to the process.

I can help you if:

You have a blog already but it isn’t getting traffic or sales

You have no experience at all whatsoever in blogging

What you get is this:


Step by step blogging

From learning on free platforms to creating your own wordpress site again step by step

How to research your market in depth

How to narrow find and narrow down your niche effectively

How to target your market

Advanced and easy SEO Tactics

Get found in Google and indexed fast

Utilize free tools from Google

Find supercharged buyer keywords

Get killer images for your site

Monetize your blog effectively

Step by step installing and setting up your own wordress site

Little technical knowledge needed

No sales funnels needed

No list building required

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