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Learning to blog and make money doing it can be an overwhelming task

The mass marketers out there today sell us products that don’t really help a beginner or stuck blogger and affiliate marketer. They are targeted of course to the masses, a broad audience.

There is no individual one on one guidance or someone to work with you in your particular niche, let alone help those that haven’t even figured out what their niche or target audience is.

They will tell you to build a sales funnel, build a list and so many other overwhelming tasks. The build it and they will come thing doesn’t really work in this business. You have to have the basics down first.

The results you see with these mass marketers usually come with a small print disclaimer that says results
aren’t typical.

If you are tried these programs and still can’t seem to make it work, I can help you.

I have put together a step by step guide to blogging.  It’s a series of videos that take you from a beginner blogger to expert.  I have a Mastermind group where you have access 24/7 to group coaching and one on one with me.  This is not something you will buy and never see me again.  You can go ahead now and connect with me here on facebook.  I am a real person who will walk with you through this.

I can help you if:

You have a blog already but it isn’t getting traffic or sales

You have no experience at all whatsoever in blogging

What you get is this:


Step by step blogging

From learning on free platforms to creating your own wordpress site again step by step

How to research your market in depth

How to find and narrow down your niche effectively

How to target your market

Advanced and easy SEO Tactics

Get found in Google and indexed fast

Utilize free tools from Google

Find supercharged buyer keywords

Get killer images for your site

Monetize your blog effectively

Step by step installing and setting up your own wordress site

Little technical knowledge needed

No sales funnels needed

No list building required

[testimonial] [tentry name="Melissa" Montreal Quebec=""] “When I started the blogging course at Pajama Affiliates, I had blogged in the past for fun and to stay in touch with family, but I had never used WordPress, didn’t know a thing about SEO, Google Analytics, and certainly had no idea where to start to build a blog with the intent of generating revenue. In less than a month, I am now set up with a fully-functional blog on WordPress, blog that I built myself from a free template and with plugins recommended in the course. I know how to research how people search for information on a topic that I want to develop (which helps me select the right keywords) and I have signed up for several affiliate programs, including Amazon, Clickbank and ShareASale.

Today I made my first sale. And It’s just the beginning. There are no gimmics at Pajama Affiliates, but the program works and the Mastermind Group is an amazing place where you can discuss problems, get support (technical or emotional!), and feel like you are never left to your own device. Robin is authentic, present, encouraging, and a fabulous source of information, as are many others in the Facebook group. What are you waiting for? Sign up![/tentry] [/testimonial]

[testimonial] [tentry name="Lindsay" West virginia=""] I intended for several months to purchase the Pajama Affiliates home study course before I actually did it. Now my only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner. I had tried many times to do my own research on the web about how to do affiliate marketing, but there is so much conflicting information available that I was feeling very hopeless and bogged down. Pajama Affiliates renewed my hope because the course is laid out in a very logical fashion and covers absolutely every aspect you need to know about how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Not only does Robin clearly lay out all the steps you should follow and explain how to execute them, but she also gives great advice and tips about your attitude and online presence that in my opinion makes the difference between failure and success. And even more than that, she continues to consistently provide personalized support to me and all of her students in a private Facebook group! She truly cares about us and wants us to succeed.

I purchased the course eight months ago and in that time I have not only made my money back countless times over, but I also paid for an expensive Florida vacation and purchased my very first hot tub and an RV, which was a huge dream come true for me! Because of Robin, I am no longer a slave to the corporate rat race and I know now that the sky is my only limit.

Pajama Affiliates is the real deal. No frills, no outlandish promises, just a real authentic woman who has succeeded in making a great living as an affiliate marketer and wants to share her knowledge with others so that they too can have a fulfilling career on their own terms.[/tentry] [/testimonial]

[testimonial] [tentry name="Anita" company=""] [/tentry] [/testimonial]

I remember when I first came across Robin’s video on Facebook. I had recently spent a couple thousand dollars on what turned out to be a scam and I had sworn I would never buy anything online again. I was even considering bankruptcy but still I felt I was so close to ‘getting it’.

[testimonial] [tentry name="Anita" Canada=""]I felt like I had crawled along the path blind folded and knew those diamonds were laying there somewhere. My choice was to give up and stop or to try one more thing. That one more thing was Robin’s course.

Now my only debt is a mortgage. I was even able to start a new Amazon biz a year ago and never once used credit for it. I had a pretty big hole to climb out of and now that my bills are under control I can start looking at cutting back my hours at my day job. I can start investing more in my online businesses.

My son is at camp for 3 weeks, could never have done that last year. I am able to easily meet our needs. The other day I had to take my dog to the vet and it was $276. People at work were like oh that sucks. I always respond ‘Easy come, easy go’ when I have to spend money and people don’t get my attitude.

My feeling is that there is money ‘out there’ and I will get some of it. If I can make a dollar on my website that is proof to me that I can make $1000 or $10000. It’s all the same. I find it hard to explain, people look at me like I have 3 heads. But that is how I feel about it. Not sure if all that made any sense!.[/tentry] [/testimonial]

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