How To Get On The First Page of Google With a Squidoo Lens

I by no means am an expert in this marketing thing, but I do have a few claims to fame. One being I have a handful of Squidoo Lens that rank on the first page of Google. When I say high, I mean number one for some highly searched terms in my niche. High as in above the creators of the products I promote. Let me explain a bit more.

I am in the dating and relationship niche. There are dating gurus out there with some best selling products. Often when you Google the name of their product which is the top keyword, there is my little Squidoo Lens right there on the first page of google, while they sit at number 2. I must add that this spot jumps around and confess that I don’t really know why. I rarely jump below 5 though and after updating my lens by very little, I usually can get them back to number one. Very little as in adding a tag or picture and pinging it.  Sometimes I add another text module with another long tailed keyword.

Another thing here that I need to mention that is important in how to get on the first page of Google with Squidoo is your tags.  My highest ranking lens have many tags as in over 20, some have over 50.  Once I have been found in Google, I go to my stats and check what keywords are driving traffic and if I haven’t used them, I add them.  This does count as an update and you can republish and ping after adding a few tags.

I want to state again that I am no expert. I have been at Squidoo for going on 3 years and I have a little formula that I follow. To get your Squidoo Lens ranked in Google keyword research is step one. I do use Google adwords tool, but I also rely a lot on my head. My first goal is to pick out 4 to 5 Keywords or semi long tailed key words. Lets say I was promoting an ebook hypothetically written by Joe Blow called How to Make a Man Commit. I think of if I was searching this how would I search it. See possibilities below of Broad search:

1. How to make a man commit 5400
2. Getting a man to commit 590
3. He wont commit 2400
4. how to make a man want you 65,000
5. make your man commit

Not I did say this was a broad search. The 65,000 may be a sign that I want to create a seperate lens on this topic alone. I would also drill down and change my keyword results to exact, but this will do for my point.

When selecting the name for my lens, I will use the second one, Getting a man to commit. That becomes my domain at Squidoo. When building a lens after you select this it asks you for 3 more search terms which is where I add #1,#3 and #5. Number one you notice is the title of the product I am promoting. This becomes my introduction title. I am not sure why, but just know this to be, you don’t want your title and domain at Squidoo to be the same.

Now I add 3 texts modules and write those like I was writing an article. My titles and articles will be built around these keywords I have preselected. The first on after the introduction may be titles “What it takes to make a man commit”. I write the article spiced with this keyword, not too much, just a few times throughout.

Then I move onto the second text module. I may title this one, What to do if he won’t commit and again repeat above steps. It’s sort of like an outline with the information organized accordingly.

I add pictures. When I upload the pictures I am adding, I label them in my computer to the key words. One pic may be labeled “make him commit”. This gives Google something else to crawl, not sure why, but it’s a little trick I learned. If you just try updating your lens with this tip alone, you may notice and increase in traffic.

I add my link list where I have the actual option to purchase the ebook and hit publish. I write a few articles with Ezine or now I use Street Articles and direct them to my Squidoo lens.  These are backlinks.  When the little green check appears in a day or so, I submit the RSS feed to Feedage, ping in in pingomatic and in Squidutils and tada, I am done.

Once you learn this process and do it a few times, you will be able to do it in just an hour or so. Create create and update every couple of weeks.  These sites don’t usually move to the first page of Google overnight.  I have had a few move rapidly, but usually we are talking at least a few months.

If you would like to check out more about how I am successful with affiliate marketing, you can find me here at Pajama Affiliates!

Update on Squidoo August 18th, 2014!

Squidoo has sold out the Hubpages.  I am grateful for all I learned at Squidoo as it was a great platform for me to learn affiliate marketing!  I am also grateful that I saw the writing on the wall and began creating my own websites a little over a year ago!





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  1. Trish says:

    Great upfront, no fluff, direct explanation. Thankyou .

  2. Marc Possoff says:

    Does Squidoo still work?

    • Carolina Robin says:

      Yes, it still works but it’s now what it used to be. They have dropped down a good bit in favor in the search engines. I used to get thousands of visits a day, now it’s just hundreds. Makes a good backlink to your other sites though.

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